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Our founder Scott Cuff is a single father who believed in staying active the same way he did when he was a military hero to our country.  After spending a great deal of time in the desert, and enduring an injury that catapulted him into civilian life.  He found himself struggling to stay fit and active while still yearning to spend quality time with his children at the beach.  Due to the lack of options of quality swimwear for men on the market S.Cuff Hybrid Swimwear was born, Scott Cuff saw a need in his own life and knew other men were craving similar classy and luxury swimwear made for kayaking, hiking as well as golf.  So, as the hero that he feels he has to always be, Scott did something about it and created the best swimwear on the market today and for the future. Scott Cuff is not only a customer of S.Cuff Hybrid Swimwear he is also the president who believes in heroes helping heroes.



I wasn't always an active person. After some setbacks in my health, I joined up with a gym. That gym offered a number of outings. Once I saw what I could do with a stronger, fitter body, I was hooked. Since starting this journey, I have climbed mountains and kayaked down rivers. I have gone in caves and up canyons. My passion for fitness is based on a passion for living life to its fullest. 


Teamwork makes the dream work.

Every day, meet yourself where you are. My stories and tips might not be for where you are, but you can adapt them to your own adventure. What challenges you today? Let's face those challenges together as a team. Send me a message about what fitness challenges you are overcoming in your active life. I might just feature your story in an upcoming blog post. 


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